WATCH VICTON's EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY! Never expecting this handsome guys!!
Anyway, I made a fan account on Instagram for no reason ,, hehe btw, FOLLOW ME @victonfeeds

Credits for Songs:
In The Air (Ready Album)
What time it is now (Voice to the New World Album)
I’m Fine (Voice to the New World Album)
1:12 In The Air
3:55 Beautiful
4:22 Your Smile and You
7:47 Remember Me (Accoustic Ver)

Credits for Videos
0:00 Remember Me MV
0:20 TongTongTv Remember Me 2x
0:34 Eyez Eyez Making
0:46 Born Identity Unreleased Ep5
1:12 Eating chocolate dessert
1:23 Victon Diary 09
1:33 Subin Birthday Broadcast
2:10 TVicton Ep 13
2:13 TVicton Ep 05
2:24 Born Identity Ep 16
3:00 How to use a Vacuum
3:14 Me & 7 Men (Me7Nam) ep 3
3:48 Victon Diary 09
4:04 Subin Birthday Broadcast
4:51 What Time It Is Now Teaser
4:53 What Time It Is Now Dance Practice
4:56 What Time It Is Now Mel0n Premier Showcase
5:13 What Time It Is Now Choreography practice hanbok
5:42 Victon Diary Ep 01
6:00 Twice Likey MV
6:10 Heyo TV Live Likey
6:18 TVicton Ep 35
6:38 Remember Me Comeback Stage
6:52 Remember Me MV Making
6:55 Remember Me Jacket Filming
7:08 Remember Me MV Making
7:13 Victon Diary ep 16
7:20 Remember Me M2
7:57 Born Identity Unreleased Ep5

All the pictures were taken on Victon’s Official Twitter Account!
Kamsahamnida a lot for Watching all my Videos!
So this is my last Video for awhile (its gonna be about 9 months) because next year is my busy year! Thanks for always love Victon! I really want Victon successful!

And yeah, This video was uploaded on 24 Dec in South Korea (my place was still 23 lol) which is Victon's leader Birthday! Seungwoo!!! saeng-il chugha hamnida!
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