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Dermot Kennedy 'A closeness'

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Taken from the new EP, 'Doves & Ravens', out April 14, 2017

Artwork, logo and visuals by Magnus Pind Bjerre

March/April UK and Ireland tour dates:


Keeping her bright eyes focused on the coastline waiting for you.
And isn’t she all of us, pining for that last kiss, a permanent truth,
A means to get through.

Maybe we’ll cry, whilst hopeful, when we think about the past being cruel.
I’ve got a thought for those that start to think of love as the pursuit of a fool,
It’s a palace from ruin.

Deep into the night, eyes closin’, heart swollen with my lovin’ for you.
A solid embrace, kind face, and then the hurt starts leaving the room
Followed by goons.

Sometimes it’s open wide and lights the road at night,
You’ve got a heart like the moon.
Gather courage, if you’re doing something, do it,
‘Cause she’s got to go soon.

If I could now,
I’d never tell you not to love her.
However, leaving her a long way from her home.

That ain’t no promise crackin’ over time.

A private corner of Roma,
Don’t shadow the light, wait, good love grown.

If I could now.

If I had you now.

So keeping bright eyes focused on the coastline waiting for you.
Don’t give me that bye bye baby,
When the night moves into black from the blue,
The nights you’ve been through.

Just give me that wide smile,
Made for putting songs into the hearts of the doomed.
You’ll catch a cold heart staring at the water babe,
Remember you flew?

So say what you want dear,
But the courage was won.

With the way that you spoke here,
When the dreaming was done.
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